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Europapier confirms antitrust fine

Europapier International AG confirms the imposition of a fine in relation to the acquisition of assets in the now insolvent PaperNet. After a change of legal counsel the respective proceedings were concluded in the course of a...More

Europapier Slovensko acquires Lynne SK commercial assets

Europapier Slovensko, a subsidiary of Europapier International AG, acquires commercial assets of Lynne SK, fulfilling their strategic objective for diversification. Europapier Slovensko, the leading paper merchant in Slovakia,...More

The Europapier logo has a brilliant, new design

As of now, Europapier has a brighter logo and a fresh claim, which add up to a more colourful image. Together with the new and vibrant hexagon, “FIRST OF ALL EUROPAPIER” signifies the multiplicity of our product portfolio, the...More