Teach for Austria

In 2012, the Heinzel Group started to support the independent, non-profit-making Teach for Austria educational initiative as a founding partner. Teach for Austria creates future opportunities for children and young people from socio-economically disadvantaged Austrian families.
To this end, the initiative selects university graduates, who are outstanding in both a professional and personal regard. Those chosen then undergo two years of intensive pedagogic training prior to serving as fully qualified teachers. The employment of these “Teach for Austria Fellows” results in better classroom performance, which in turn leads to improved educational and career chances. This benefits not only the individual pupils but also Austria as a business and industry location. Moreover, in the long-term, the Fellows will become leading players in society, who following the completion of the two-year Fellow Program will continue to press for educational participation.
In the school year 2017/18, 89 Fellows from Teach for Austria are deployed at 43 schools in Vienna, enabling a further education for 9,000 due to their (social) origin disadvantaged children. Starting in fall 2019, Teach for Austria will also be active in Upper Austria, and Fellows will start working at heavily loaded schools in Linz, Steyr and Amstetten.
In the long term, the Fellows will become leading players in society, even after completing the two-year fellowship program for educational justice. Teach For Austria is part of the international educational network Teach For All, which now includes 35 sister organizations.


“Works of art are neither created nor kept in order to form a branch of cultural knowledge, but rather to nourish the soul through the senses. And museums are built to offer this nutrition to the largest possible number of people.” (Emil Nolde)
The Albertina houses one of the world’s most significant collections of graphics and among its major assignments, is the enlargement of various sections of this compilation (graphic, poster, architectural and photo collections) through purchases. Work is also continuing on the renovation of the state apartments in order that the original residential and representation character of this attractive Habsburg palace can be restored.
Owing to the nature of its own artistic treasures, which among others include masterpieces from Raphael, Rubens, Da Vinci, Dürer, Michelangelo, Brueghel, Picasso, Klimt and Schiele, the Albertina is prompted to continually design and hold new exhibitions. These seek to merge international loans with works from the in-house collection and thus unite all the style directions of an entire epoch, or of a single artist.
Since 2009, the Heinzel Holding has been making a major contribution to the fulfillment of these tasks. In accordance with the motto “collect, retain and communicate”, the company supports the retention of Austrian and international cultural assets and among other events has assisted in the realization of the ambitious “Der Blaue Reiter” (2011) and “Magritte” exhibitions (2011/12).