We respect the environment and aim to reduce our business impact on the environment to a minimum. In addition to striving for the highest efficiency, we put our main emphasis in all activities on protecting the environment and minimizing the ecological impact of our business operations. We have a fully implemented quality control system in our mills, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and our environmental management standard is certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

Europapier as well as our worldwide trading company are FSC® (FSC-C017326) and PEFC (PEFC/06-37-03) certified. We are convinced that these management systems are beneficial to all our activities, thanks in part to their adoption by all the employees of our companies. Our employees are aware that they share the responsibility for the impact that their work has on the environment and they know how to effectively limit it.

Environmental Statement

Environmental, Quality and Safety Policy is an integrated part of our Group Strategy. 

Environmental responsibility is one of the key factors of all group activities. We aim to reduce our business impact on the environment to a minimum. We adhere to a principle of continuous improvement in all our activities.

An extensive system of education and training for the employees of our companies in all categories of work – from operators through middle management up to the top executives – contributes to these positive results.

We attempt to instill these values not only within our companies but also in the suppliers of raw materials and services that our companies use. We encourage our customers to take advantage of our range of products that have been manufactured in a manner that is as environmentally-friendly as possible. And we are building positive relationships with the general public, and with state, community and regional institutions as well as with other companies.

We are keen to demonstrate our social responsibility to the environment with openness, direct communication and a willingness to provide adequate information about our factories, strategy and goals - and also with a ready admission of any minor problems. Only a direct and honest dialog and cooperation between all interested parties can bring about successful long-term cohabitation in a world that is as brimming with technology as ours is today.

Alfred H. Heinzel, President of the Heinzel Group